Tips On Caring For Your Contact Lenses

When contact lenses first came out on the market, many people were excited because, no longer will they be forced to wear glasses. Yes, they can now wear lenses without anyone knowing, while at the same time, looking fashionable.

This excitement has not diminished, although there is much more caution when it come to using them.

With this in mind, the following suggestions will be helpful as you take care of these seeing aids.

Read And Follow Instructions

The first line of defense after purchasing them is to always follow the instructions that they come with. Sometimes, many of us do not think that it is necessary to read the booklet that usually comes with an item that we purchase.

We believe that our common sense will guide us through, until we run into a problem and then we will go looking for the instructions. While it is great that we finally turned to it, it is always best to read the booklet first, before jumping in there and using the item.

Perhaps by reading first, we may not run into some of the problems we are later faced with. Consequently, read and follow the instructions for your own protection and enjoyment.

Makeup After

Whenever you are applying makeup to your face, always do this after you have placed the lenses into your eyes. Yes, the contacts first and then the makeup, so as to avoid getting any of the particles from the beauty kit unto them.

You may not know when some of the particles get unto them and when you put them into you eyes, they will naturally irritate them.

No Saliva

Sometimes you may find parents using some of their saliva to take off some dirt or something from their child’s skin, while at the same time, the child is trying to get away because he/she is not too crazy about the act.

This practice has also been passed on to spectacles. You may have noticed someone using it to take away a smudge or something from it. On the other hand, you may have done so.

Well, while it may not hurt the child, or cause any harm when it is used on the glasses, if you use it on your contacts, it may irritate your eyes. Indeed, you will be bringing your eyes and saliva together.

Everything Clean

Make sure that every time you use them, your hands are sanitized and when you are not using them, make sure that you are storing them in the manner that the booklet recommends and also that the storing area is clean.