Tips on How to Choose a Suitable Pair of Prescription Colored Contacts

Preparations before ordering
Remember to do some preparations before you decide to buy prescription colored contacts which can help you know more about this kind of contacts. Only in that way, you can make the right decision on which kind of contacts to choose and will not feel confused when the ophthalmologist try to introduce different types of contacts to you. Meanwhile, you can ask specific questions on your contacts, your lenses’ storage and your eye care without being cheated.

Eye examination by a reputable ophthalmologist
Get an accurate prescription on your eyes to make you feel comfortable when wearing contacts. It is strongly needed to do the eye exam before you decide to buy prescription colored contacts, and it is better if the exam can be done by a reputable ophthalmologist in your local place. A good eye doctor ensures that your prescription strength and your lenses curvature can be correctly tested and then the contacts are the most suitable one. A good eye doctor can give you pertinent advice on contacts choosing and caring. If you feel your prescription in not accurate enough you can ask your doctor to double check the prescription for you.

Contacts with a good reputation brand
There is often a temptation that makes people to choose the ‘off’ brand contacts because of its low price. Most of the time, the contacts with that brand are not subjected to enough testing and quality control, they are sometimes even not hygeian enough which may be a big danger to eye health. An inaccurate correction on eyes makes you headache and your eyesight become weaker. So do not put your eyes at risk. The health of eyes is a big treasure to everybody.

Choose the right color suitable for you
Prescription colored contacts can make you both see clearly and change your look, so it is very important to choose the right color matched with your temperament. There are various kinds of colors for you to choose, either enhancing your natural color or change it to a new color with outrageous design, which all depend on your favor.

Take good care of your prescription colored contacts
After you get the contacts, do not be afraid to ask questions about the care of these special lenses, which can guarantee that you keep the lenses in a good condition. If you cannot understand or remember the procedures, you can ask your doctor to give an introduction for you. Besides, do not forget to ask the corresponding solution to clean and store your contacts, as an appropriate kind of solution can avoid the chance of damage on lenses.

Follow the rules on the use of contacts
The common contacts should be taken out before sleeping to prevent any infections or damages to eyes. This is also the same with prescription colored contacts, and the more important is that colored lenses should be worn less time than non-colored lenses. Keep that mind and take good care of your eyes. In fact, when you start to wear prescription colored contacts, there must be some mild irritations. That’s ok. The symptom can disappear gradually when you are accustomed to that, and you may feel nothing at all even with lenses in your eyes in the end.

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