Tips On Where You Can Obtain A Free Trial Pair Of Colored Contacts

With the cost of eye care hitting the roof, it can leave quite a dent in your bank account especially when all you want to do is try on a pair of free color contact lenses.

But don’t despair because you can now get a free trial pair of colored contacts for your orbs without much hassle. The reason for this is that big colored contact lens brands such as Acuvue 2 Colors and Freshlook are vying with each other for your attention. And they are willing to give you a free trial pair just so that you can try their product and keep the experience in mind the next time you make a purchase for permanent colored lenses.

Apart from the big brands, today, there are several online eye care providers who are offering free trial pairs of their colored contact lenses. And here’s how you can pick up a pair for yourself:

Before simply searching for a free trial pair of colored contacts online, it is important to remember, that the primary function of contact lenses, either colored or special effect lenses, is to correct one’s defective vision. Thus, they are medical devices and in order to obtain a trial pair, you need a doctor’s prescription.

However, there is still a way to get your free trial pair of colored contacts. All you have to do is visit the official website of the company that is giving away free lenses, and click on the link where it tells you that you can try free color contacts. What follows next will require you to fill in a form. After you have filled in and submitted the form, the company will probably send you a certificate by either e-mail or post. This certificate entitles you to receive a free pair of colored lenses from your eye doctor.

Once you have the certificate with you, you can fix an appointment with your eye doctor. However, it is pertinent to know beforehand if the particular eye doctor you would be visiting is aware of color contacts certificates and can give you a free trial pair of lenses. If your doctor does indeed provide free trial contacts, you can then proceed with your appointment to get your prescription and free lenses.

Another smart thing to do would be to get 2 free trial pair contact’s certificates from 2 different brands and then get both the pairs from your eye doctor, so that you can compare the comfort levels during use as well as the appearance or looks of the contacts.

After you have your free trial pair of contacts in hand, all that’s left for you to do is to put them in and wear them for a few hours to see if you find them comfortable. You can check in the mirror to see how your trial lenses look under different lighting conditions such as sunlight or indoor lighting. You should also test your free contacts for how well they perform in terms of their basic function. That is how good they are in improving your eyesight. You can try watching some television, maybe read a phonebook with small fonts or work on the computer to know if your trial lenses are good enough. If your trial pair turns up aces on all these counts, then you can consider ordering a box of the same brand.

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