Top 3 Dangers of Using Contact Lenses – Affecting Vision Health

Contact lenses are the in thing nowadays, as people that wear thick glasses think that they look nicer without wearing eye glasses. For those with sporty or active lifestyles, contact lenses can help as a convenient eye wear without dropping with vigorous movements. However, do be concerned about the danger issues of contact lenses if you are a regular user.

The first danger is that contact lenses can harbor harmful deposits that irritate the eyes. As the lenses come into contact with your eyes, unlike conventional eye wear, any harmful deposits can be bad for your eyes. The second danger is the presence of bacteria on the lens, which feeds off your dead cells deposited on the contact lenses. The final danger is the restriction of oxygen to your eyes, which is unhealthy in the long term.

The best remedy is to frequently renew your contact lenses, as over using the lenses can cause harm to your eyes. Costs of upkeep can be an issue, but safety is a greater concern. Besides that, always look for high quality lenses and cleaning solutions.

The best advice is still to get rid of your glasses, and seek to regain your natural perfect eye sight. I have thrown away my glasses several years back, and was thankful that I am saved from a lifetime of eye wear inconveniences and costs.

I now have perfect vision in my right eye, and near perfect in my left. I have searched for natural ways to improve my vision, and have found one that actually works for me. Do check out the scientifically proven, natural and easy way to improve your vision, without burning a hole in your pocket.