Top 5 Ways to Save Cost in Buying Cosmetic Contact Lenses

1) The fact that you must know!- Many of the online companies are doing very well in selling their cosmetic contact lenses simply because they have one thing in common: PRICE is VERY AFFORDABLE compare to the retail shop! They take the large quantities from the manufacturer, and they do not incur the cost of expensive retail and overhead charges. That’s the main reason why they are able to give you the best deal and you can easily find it online at a very reasonable price! If you are a long-term lens user, perhaps you should consider buy online to get the best deal on it.

2) Online contact lenses is relatively cheap- Having said that, you must also look into the brand before making any purchase online! There are many fake contact lenses out there are selling really cheap and you must able to differentiate them! However, low cost or affordable lens doesn’t mean the brand name itself also low or cheap! This is totally different between getting a low cost brand & cheap contact lenses. Always remember, do not go for contact lenses that are made from unknown manufacturer. You only got one pair of eye and it is extremely precious! You may not have idea what is the materials that they used to produce the lens and somehow, you are actually putting a dangerous experiment or a toxic-like materials into your eyes! Thus, go for the one that is well established in the market and do not challenge the health of your eye! (You may request the seller to show you the manufacturer company profile & the award they receive as well as the authenticity of the lens).

3) Try to avoid buy 1 pair only per shipping- as you know, the seller always give you a better rate + Free gift if you purchase 3 pairs or above from them. Well, perhaps you will say: ‘I just need 1 pair of lens at the moment, is OK I don’t mind to pay for the shipping fee’. If you think like that, I will urge you to re-consider again! You are aware that every certain period of time, we need to dispose the existing one and replace it with new pairs of contact lenses. So, do you see the point here? Let’s say if you purchase 3 pairs and get the best deal of it, you are actually saving at least $X dollar per pair+ Shipping Fee+ earning the freebie from the seller! (Which approximately save 30% per pair) Moreover, you are able to try the different model/color and find the one that best suit your outlook!

4) I need the contact lenses urgently! I can’t wait for the pre-order. Is this your major concern on every online purchase? (Same goes to me!) There are many online sellers today are providing ready stock order for their customers simply because their customers are no longer keen to be keep in the ‘waiting list’. However, did you notice that the price for ready stocks is also more expensive than the pre-order? Due to the concern of holding the existing stocks and hoping that the customers will find them and look for the particular power of lens, keeping the ready stocks is always risky for all the sellers. Thus, most of the sellers will slightly increase the price in order to minimize the risk from the losses cause by the stocks keeping. If you really want to save cost, think about it, save cost in buying pre-order instead of ‘I want now’ stock. It probably can save up to 35% of the cost!

5) Who say buying contact lenses online will not receive any aftercare? Based on my experience in online shopping for, so far most of the sellers that I met did provided a good aftercare service. Maybe I am lucky enough? Ya maybe, but before I place an order with them, I will look into some of the details like: company profile, manufacturer details, price, and their website. If the seller unable to provide you with their personal details included the manufacturer of the contact lenses details, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEAS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE NEXT! My advice is to consider the price & care before making your decision.

***Please take note of the Rules of Buying Contact Lenses Online!***

You should understand the risk of buying contact lenses [] online as most of the sellers do not liable for any discomfort, infections or injuries caused by contact lenses wear. You must first visit an eye care professional to have eyes properly tested. If your eye is very sensitive type, it is still advisable that do not wear contact lenses. For User Instruction, kindly visit us.

The Author is the regular consumer of contact lenses more than 4 years. She has extensive experience in online contact lenses, identify the fake contact lenses in the market, as well as sharing her knowledge with all other contact lens users. She believe that people nowadays aware that wearing contact lenses is a trend of fashion, it is also a representation of a state of art of our eyes.