Top Contact Lens Safety Tips

If used correctly contact lenses can bring enormous advantages to those with minor eyesight defects. It’s important to follow the safety advice listed here to ensure that you make proper use of contacts.

The advantages of contact lenses are obvious to many – if worn and fitted correctly then they can provide near normal vision to those of us who would otherwise struggle to see properly. We no longer have to make use of glasses, with contacts being comfortable and less obvious.

They can also be used more easily for a range of activities, such as sports, while also being fine to use for driving.

For some, lenses have developed into something more than a simple aid to eyesight. They can be used to make a fashion statement, with lenses being used to change the colour of our eyes, or even to form a pattern that is visible to others.

If you wear contact lenses, or are intending on doing so, then it’s vital that you understand some of the safety issues that surround lenses.

For example, you should visit your optician at least once a year to make sure that you have the most suitable prescription for your eyesight. It’s also to ensure that the lenses aren’t causing you any problems.

Always use a qualified optician and make sure that you follow their advice when it comes to choosing the correct lens for your eye.

Unless you’ve been told otherwise, you should not wear lenses when sleeping. You also should not ever be tempted to swap lenses with another wearer – your prescription is individual to you.

If you find that wearing contact lenses irritates your eyes then you should remove the lenses immediately – contact your doctor or optician for advice in such circumstances.

Finally, only ever wear contact lenses for the recommended amount of time.

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