Top Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses

People from all over the globe are now using contact lenses instead of heavy spectacles. Now it is time to get rid of those heavy spectacles that keep irritating your eyes all the time. Who wouldn’t like to fix a vision problem without putting that extra weight over the nose? In order to eliminate problems of wearing specs that lack style, fashion and modern technology, you can also purchase contact lenses after consulting your eye practitioner. Here are a the top reasons to wear contact lenses-

a) When you use contacts, you can view objects in their correct dimensions. That means, size and position of various objects in front of your eyes will not vary. Contact lenses are also admired for superior peripheral vision they provide. You may see smaller or larger objects when you are using spectacles. That’s because your eyes will be at variable distance from the glass. Your peripheral vision is also shorter when you use spectacles. You will be forced to have a restricted movement in addition to shorter peripheral vision.

b) Even if you are making quick body movements, contacts will stay intact and allow you to do what you are doing. You can play football or drive a car everyday with contact lenses. Contacts will stay where they are. That is the reason why contacts are said to have stable vision. As compared to contacts, spectacles are very unstable on your face when you are playing, driving or making quick body movements in everyday life. Your vision and hence your performance at work, sports and studies may be compromised due to unstable vision.

c) As far as weather is concerned, you don’t have to make any adjustments when using contacts. It won’t fog up. Unlike glasses, your contacts won’t be splattered in the rain as well.

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