Toric Contact Lenses – What You Should Know About This Eye Product

Toric contacts are special contacts designed for persons suffering from an optical problem called astigmatism. In this condition the affected person’s eye has a curvature problem. The contour of the eye is usually disturbed along two curvatures making it difficult for the eye to form a clear picture of the object inside the eye.

These lenses are especially designed to tackle this problem. Another problem is that the lenses have to be stable when the eye moves and while blinking so that they correct the right curvature problem. This enables them to provide crystal clear vision round the clock.

The lenses come in soft and rigid gas permeable varieties. You can decide on the type you want after consultation with your eye care doctor. Most astigmatic prefers the rigid gas permeable variety as it helps maintain the shape of the cornea better.

This makes all the difference in this eye condition. You will also have to consider other factors while making your choice. This includes your daily schedule and your budget. Soft contacts are costlier than rigid ones. You also have a choice of daily disposables and monthly wear. Nowadays manufacturers also offer toric lenses in colored varieties.

The fitting and lens prescription in this case require more time and sittings. You will have to undergo a few more tests as compared to other routine lens users. They care and cost of toric lenses is another important matter you will have to look into.

Earlier versions of these lenses were extremely uncomfortable and resulted quickly in fatigued eyes. This changed radically with the introduction of rigid gas permeable lenses. Most users opt for lenses that last for about a year. These are easy to use and can be tailored to individual needs. Before you go in for special lenses like these, you must understand all about it from your eye care professional.

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