Trends For Designer Sunglasses For Summer 2010

It is spring already and summer is just around the corner. For those either fashion-conscious or practical, it is the time of year to purchase a pair of sunglasses. A pair – either generic or designer sunglasses – is designed to not only be in style but to also block out UV rays and, in some cases, reduce glare seen when the sun hits certain objects. While the practical side of purchasing sunglasses involves finding a pair of polarized lenses that blocks against UV rays, the fashionable side means keeping up with the latest trends. And, trends for designer sunglasses in 2010 are full of contradictions.

On one hand, the overall trend for men and women is color – the more, the better. This may be brightly colored frames, as seen on many wayfarer styles, or tinted lenses – a popular option for oversized and butterfly styles. But, beyond which colors are used, the two contrasting trends for the summer are basic and unconventional designs. Combine them in the same pair – and you’ve got a set of sunglasses that meets all trends for the year. Nevertheless, this basic but unconventional look combines both retro styles – basics, like aviator and wayfarer designs – with a futuristic look, such as bold colors and embellishments seldom seen on vintage shades.

Embellishments are another popular trend for this coming summer. Called the “diva look,” designer sunglasses with various embellishments give your look some character. This may be through rhinestones added to the lenses or cut out designs along the frame for a pair of oversized or angular shades.

As a contrast to this look, however, earth tones are in for men and women. Almost like departure or a refute to the brightly-colored, embellished shades with a futuristic look, these back-to-basics styles often rely on a brown, beige, and green color scheme for the lenses and frames. This may be as classic as a mock tortoise frame or as subtle as clear plastic tinted beige.

Adding a pair of designer sunglasses to your wardrobe not only gives you protection from the sun but style, as well. Find your look, be it bright and futuristic or simple and retro, with the many possibilities for summer 2010.