Undergo Implantable Contact Lens Rather Than LASIK

LASIK performs well in vision correction, therefore, most patients would choose it when they want to have a clear vision. However, the point is that not everyone is a qualified candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Then are there any other alternatives when you do hope to get free from glasses and contact lenses?

An alternative is the ICL, whose full name is Implantable Contact Lenses. The ICL works similar with regular contacts, however ICL corrects vision by putting lenses directly on the retina. It is a permanent contact lens. That is to say, once wearing it on, it is no need for you to take it off, but it can be also replaced if changes are needed. Compared with LASIK, ICL bears the merit that it allows any changes at any circumstances while LASIK indicates a permanent change to eyes. ICL procedure is completely reversible. Nevertheless, if you eye condition keep stable, no change is required.

Compared with regular contact lenses, ICL eliminates those hassles, cleaning, soaking, removing and replacing. What’s more, for the possible contact with the outer environment, regular contacts are likely to bring bacilli into eyes, and then eye infection will be caused. As ICL is directly positioned on the retina, it performs better in eye protection.

Usually, only 30 minutes are needed to have the procedure done. During the procedure, 1/8 inch incision will be made so that the surgeon can insert the lenses, which will be then positioned properly. One is not suggested to go home immediately after the surgery. He/she has to be sent to a ‘post-op’ for recovery. The nurse will ask you to close your eyes for a break, and when she finds that your eye condition is stable, you can go home. To use eyes for too long time, for example, reading, watching TV and working before a computer, is not advisable. Enough rest should be guaranteed. The next day, you will have to go to the doctor’s for countercheck. If no accident happens, you are able to allow yourself back to your normal daily life.

Eye infection is a frequent complication during the first several days after the surgery. Therefore, it is a necessity for you to ask the eye doctor what you are not recommended to do in case of eye infection. As long as you follow them, you are believed to recover as soon as possible.