Using Contact Lenses Safely

As contact lenses have developed over recent years, they have also become considerably more popular. If you are a contact lens wearer then you need to be aware of some safety considerations that can help to protect your health.

When such lenses were worn by relatively few people, the safety issues involved in using lenses were probably less well known than is currently the case. In theory, we might imagine that the popularity of lenses would have led to wider knowledge of what is involved and hence led to safety improvements.

Unfortunately, some UK experts feel that this has not necessarily been the case. With more people looking to wear lenses, there has been a fear that opticians and other specialists have been limiting the amount of time that they spend explaining safety issues to new lens wearers.

If you’re uncertain of the risks involved in wearing lenses then it’s definitely worth taking the time to find out more. If worn correctly and treated properly, you should find that lenses can be comfortable and extremely useful.

It’s vital that you always wash and thoroughly rinse your hands before attempting to handle contact lenses. Failing to do so could lead to irritation and considerable discomfort.

Where you have any doubts about the use of contact lenses you should, of course, consult a qualified professional. Never take risks when it comes to caring for your eyes.

The use of solutions that are correct for your individual lenses is very important. You need to also be aware that it can be dangerous to use solutions that are past their best, or that have previously been used.

As well as not re-using solutions, you should never swap lenses with another user. Lenses will be provided to a particular prescription and transferring lenses could actually damage your eyes by exposing you to the risk of infections.

Using contact lenses safely is a matter of common sense and of getting into a good routine. Once you become used to using lenses properly and safely, you’ll find that it is something that you do naturally.

The thing to remember with contact lenses is that they are there to help you. Treat them properly and they can do an excellent job.

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