Vampire Contact Lenses For Halloween

When buying a Vampire costume for Halloween, you want to make sure you look the part. A vampire should be scary, yet striking at the same time. To achieve this, your best choice is Vampire Contact Lenses, which will give you the effect of having realistic vampire eyes.

Vampire Contact Lenses are available for anybody, not just the movie industry, or special effects companies. They’re reasonably priced for everyone’s budget, and they’re available at many costume stores both online and in your local city. There are a few things to know first, before you make that first purchase however.

There are several different colors of lenses that you can purchase, such as zombie, spiral, feline or werewolf, and red vampire. Red Vampire Contact Lenses are one of the more popular colors. They are painted red, so even though you can see through them perfectly clearly, they completely cover your natural eye’s color. This gives the effect of you have true vampire eyes, and completely hides your human eyes. The reason that you can still see through the lenses, is because they are clear in their centers, which is where your iris is, giving you a clear point to see through that doesn’t spoil the look of a vampire.

Another point to bear in mind, is the companies who produce lenses on the market. There are two main brands of contacts for the costume market, including Vampire Contact Lenses. Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision and Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision are the best choices you can make in which company to buy from. Most companies have been making color contact lenses for several years, meaning their products can be guaranteed to look great and be safe for your eyes. If you’re looking for a cheaper brand, but still want quality, then Clearly Vampire Red lenses are a great choice to go with. Their Vampire Contact Lenses still look spectacular even at a lower price than the others.

During the Fall months of September and October, you’re guaranteed to find color contacts in costume shops, supermarkets, chemist shops, and even some gas stations. These however are not the best places to purchase your Vampire Contact Lenses, especially if you’re someone that needs vision correction. Color contacts can come in two varieties, prescription and plano (no vision correction).

The big difference between these, and lenses by more well known brands are the way they’re made. Higher quality Vampire Contact Lenses are made in layers, meaning the dyes never touch your eyes directly. Lower quality lenses are painted, and can damage your eyes if worn extensively. You should always make sure that the retailer you purchase from, whether online or at a shop, is reputable and provides you with quality products.