Vampire Contacts Can Give You The Eyes Of A Vampire

The sales of various vampire contacts have been going through the roof since the popularity of the vampire genre has taken off in Hollywood and on television. It seems that with every passing month there is a new film added to the genre for all the vampire fans to enjoy. Although it may just be a phase in the movie industry, there are many people who were interested in vampires before they went mainstream. Many of these fans like to dress up and emulate their ghostly heroes, so they need vampire contact lenses to look the part. So what do vampire eyes look like exactly, and what are the legends surrounding the eyes of these mythical creatures?

Vampires’ eyes change colors as they get older, and the color of their eyes also change with their current diet. When they are first born, these creatures have crimson eyes, but a diet of human blood quickly turns their eyes into a dark red color. The reason for the babies having crimson eyes is because they still have large amounts of human blood going through their veins right after they are born. This crimson color will tend to fade over the course of the first year of the vampire’s life. If a vampire is feeding on animals instead of humans, their eyes will have a golden tint to them. When a vampire is thirsty for blood and has not gotten any blood to drink in quite some time, their eyes will start turning a dark, almost black color. Because of the varying colors that vampire eyes can be, those who want to look like a vampire need to think about what kind of vampire they want to be. If you want to be a normal vampire that feeds on human blood, get some dark red vampire contact lenses. Finding a “walking dead” who only feed on animal blood are rather rare, but don’t hesitate to get the golden colored contacts if that is what you really want. There is something unique that comes with being a “vegetarian vampire.”

As a vampire becomes thirstier for human blood, their eyes will continually get darker and darker. Eventually, vampire eyes can become a coal black color that strikes fear in any human that looks into the eyes of the vampire. The more a vampire feeds, the healthier their eyes will look; that is, healthy for a vampire. Their eyes will become lighter and lighter as they feed on blood, so you can tell how hungry a vampire is for blood just by looking into their eyes. If you want to be like a vampire, get some vampire contact lenses to scare your friends. To really intimidate the people around you, get some dark red lenses that signify your recent feast of blood.

Are you ready to look like a real vampire this Halloween? only vampire contacts can turn your sultry browns or baby blues into the cold look of vampire eyes.

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