Vintage Sunglasses – A Renaissance Experience

What do the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s all have in common? Alpina, Persol, Persol, Porsche, Dior, Carrera, Silhouette, Lacoste, and Cazal were the top brand names of the times in regard to high-class eyewear. These brands were all top contender for the number one position on the market. The uniqueness, extravagance and luxury of this eyewear accentuated the times and highlighted the looks of the day. Today, these vintage sunglasses are highly priced collectors items and are experiencing a modern day renaissance.

Whether it be celebrities out of the music and movie industries and/or jet set, the rich and famous travel the world and grasp every chance to gain possession of these limited genuine and legendary sunglasses. Like good wines, Vintage Sunglasses are authentic, originally packed, and rise in value with each passing year.

Alpina model M1 (known as the giant model) was a hit in the 80’s. Its original design and famous look received cult status within months of its debut. The engraved inscription West Germany is a must for all connoisseur and collectors.

Persol Ratti Faltmodell 714 was Steve McQueen’s trademark in his hit movie “Bullit”. The glass quality is what makes the outstanding difference between this eyewear and common sunglasses.

The eyes of Yoko Ono were framed with the Porsche Model 5260 at a press briefing in the 80’s and set a new trend.

The King of Rock n’ Roll wore Neostyle. Elvis Presley took them and shake ’em.

These vintage sunglasses are legendary and buying them is like buying a piece of history.