Vision Solution With Contact Lenses

Earlier when eye vision needed to be corrected, people preferred glasses. But glasses often can’t be worn while playing sports, as they slip on nose.

Then came contact lenses which are easy to use and manage, and almost undetectable. The contact lens is made up of thin plastic discs that are curvy at the inside so as to fit easily on the eye surface. The lenses are shaped externally so as rectify and better poor eye sight.

This contact lens is also used to bandage the eyes after surgery. There are also cosmetic benefits of lenses like covering eye’s white scarring with them or changing the color of the eye according to the dress for fashion.

Types of Lenses

Disposable lenses: The disposable contact lens is used for a limited time period that might be a day, a week or a month depending on the type of lens. The disposable lens is good for the people who cannot care and clean the contact lens regularly. The disposable contact lens comes in different colors and according to eyes also.

Gas Permeable lens: The gas permeable lens transmits more oxygen to the eyes so as to provide clarity of vision. These lenses are durable and easy to clean so last up to a year. These lenses are made of semi rigid material with no water so the wearer takes some time to adapt to them.

Flexible and extended wear contacts: These are specially designed so that the wearer can use them continuously for several days. One can also take a nap while using the lenses in eyes. This contact lens allows more oxygen to reach the eye cornea.

Annual soft contact lenses: These lenses prevent eyes from drying as its soft material aid oxygen transmission. These lens need good care, cleansing and storage as used for a complete year.

Cosmetic Lens: Four varieties of cosmetic lenses are in the market. They are light-filtering tints, visibility tints, enhancement tints and opaque color tints. The power value of the lens lies in the center so it needs typical cleaning regime daily. But there are also cosmetic lens that are without visual correction.

The contact lenses can now correct all types of visual defects like Astigmatism.

Caring for your contact lens

While wearing contact lens the person feel comfortable with his vision but proper care of lens is also required for preventing any eye infection. You should keep your contact lenses disinfected and clean as contact lenses get so many deposits on them both from the environment and the eye whilst wearing them.

Tears contain lipids, mucous, proteins and calcium that deposit on the lens. The pollutants in the environment like metal and dust particles from cars and factories embed to lens surface.

So to save contact lenses from these deposits, they should be soaked in eye solutions daily for disinfection. If these deposits remain on the surface of the contact lens, it may lead to redness in the eye and recurrent infections. So daily cleaning of contact lens with surfactant cleaner by rubbing in the palm is very important.

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