Want an Eye Full of Bad Teeth? Then You Need to See the Amazing Range of Halloween Contact Lenses

You can really pull out all the stops as far as designs go with Halloween contacts. I think your choice depends on the rest of your costume. At one time Halloween was just a night for the children with their Trick or Treating, but now it’s a favorite holiday with the adults.

This holiday is only second to Christmas in spending by US citizens. The money is spent on costumes usually and now that people have cottoned on to the weird and wonderful effects they can get from colored contacts, they are added to the expense as well.

Are you going as a Zombie? If so you can get white eyes that make you look like the undead. Do you want to look like a monster, you can get contacts that look like jagged teeth, Ugh. I wouldn’t like to think what the rest of that costume would be like!

Do you want to look like a zebra or like a big cat, you can. Do you want to have the look of a vampire you would probably choose the red contacts. They look really hot. How about an explosion of flames? Would you rather look like an alien with all black eyes, no white at all? You can.

Actually there isn’t anything restricting the number of different looks you can achieve with Halloween contacts or other special effect contacts. The only thing that would reduce your choice would be your own imagination. If your own imagination is capable of running riot, why not get some contacts customized with your own design? These will be hand painted and naturally are going to cost a bit more and take a little longer to process your order, but, I’ll bet you can’t wait to see your own design and see how it looks on you.

Always make sure that you use a reputable supplier, even manufacturers who customize for you should be reputable. Don’t be tempted to go for really cheap contacts from company’s who don’t want a written prescription. I would instantly feel wary of them because they are operating illegally for one thing and for another it’s quite obvious that they are only interested in one thing – selling contacts. They don’t care that you could harm your eyes.

I say that you could harm your eyes and this would be because you didn’t know how to deal with contacts. If you don’t have a prescription then you obviously haven’t been shown how to insert the contacts and you haven’t been told how to cleanse them efficiently to avoid any chance of infections. There is one thing always to check when you are looking at prices, I have seen them just priced per lens. Obviously you will have to double up if the ones you want are ‘per lens’.

Special effect contact lenses come in all different designs fromfrom bad teeth to tiger eyes