Wear and Care of Contact Lenses

A contact lens or simply contact is an incredible plastic piece providing a greater visual field, used as a replacement for glasses when these no longer provide adequate and correct vision. More often, therapeutic and corrective contact lenses are used for dealing with a variety of vision ailments or ophthalmological conditions, besides being used for ornamental purposes. According to an approximation about lens usage, it is revealed that 125 million people or about 2% of the total world wears contact lenses.

About Lenses
There is a wide array of contacts now available in look and functionality plus in dimension, form and power. The major kinds of lenses are:
• Water-containing or soft lenses
• Oxygen permeable or rigid lenses
• Scheduled contacts- Scheduled contacts include daily wear contacts, extended overnight, or continuous wear contacts.
• Disposable contact lenses- Based on replacement intervals, these are disposed of after a specific time period. These take account of daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly disposable contact lenses.

Lenses designs and usage
• Spherical Lenses are used for correcting vision disorders of near-sightedness or far-sightedness.
• Similarly bifocal and toric lenses are also used for vision correction or after eye surgeries.
• Colored lens designs are used for eye color enhancement.
• Special-effect and prosthetic lenses are good for cosmetic use.

Choosing the right Lens
Before using lenses, following things must be considered:
• Lenses should give lucid vision.
• Lenses should be of top quality and must be properly fixed.
• These should provide superfluous benefits, such as unique eye shades or manifold power.
• Extended lenses duration should not be exceeded beyond limits; otherwise may lead to potential vision damage.
• Lenses should not cause eye pain and irritation, or blurred vision.
• Lens solutions should be attuned with eyes.

Regular care must be taken in replacement and disposal of contacts at right time. Eyes are the most attractive and sensitive part of an individual’s body and taking care of these should be considered a key concern. So it is imperative to buy contact lenses of top optic brands. Lenses of highest quality should be preferred that are 100% harmless, giving peacefulness and a greater level of eye comfort. It is also important to consider eye-care professional assistance while having any eye complaints regarding lens wearing. Any change affecting normal eyes behavior is a serious matter and must be addressed without more ado. It is advised to consult some website which offers advice and solutions in lenses.

Contact lenses surely add beauty and style in your personality. If you’re looking to buy contact lenses and lens-care solutions, visit Contact Lenses Centre.