Wear Contact Lenses and Indulge Yourself in Luxurious Vision

Still wearing the same glasses? Isn’t that boring? Then replace your shabby glasses with contact lenses. Today’s globalized society emphasizes on mobility, style, and extraordinary performance. Keeping in mind the values of modern society, it will give you comfort and effective eye care solutions and that also in a stylish manner. Spectacles having backdated values lack the spirit of a modern world. The use of contact lenses is current and modern and gives you an elegant look. Some men are little bit ignorant to their current positions that they live in and with. They do not even bother about the well being of their eyes, thus are arrested with fatal eye diseases.

The basic idea of contact lens derived from Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of contact lenses in 1508, which came into reality after 300 years, finally invented by Czech chemist Otto Wichterle and his assistant Drahoslav Lím, who also invented the first gel used for their production. It is a cosmetic, corrective as the glasses that we wear usually, and it is also used for therapeutic use placed on the cornea of the eye. It is lightweight and virtually invisible. Many commercial lenses are tinged with flamboyant colors to enhance visibility when immersed in cleaning and storage solutions. Some lenses now have a thin surface layer having the capacity to protect the eye from harmful UV rays. The contact lenses serve more than the basic purpose of therapeutical use. It is widely used due to their appearance and practicality when compared with spectacles, for it gets less affected by wet weather. Sporting finds a new definition with it. Moreover, it has the compactness and corrective quotient accurate for some topical opthalmological conditions such as keratoconus and aniseikonia that cannot be accurately cured with glasses.

The first corneal lenses were developed in 1949 and were much smaller than original scleral lenses, for they covered only the cornea leaving the rest of the visible ocular surface bare and could be worn up to sixteen hours a day. Contact lenses, at its earlier stages, were fragile and expensive, and the early versions of PMMA lenses though received much appreciation for its accurateness but were proved troublesome for shirking the oxygen penetrability into eyes that could cause a number of adverse clinical effects. By the end of 1970s, a range of oxygen-permeable lenses made of rigid materials were developed that allowed oxygen circulation through the lens to the ocular surface.

Glasses leaves a deep impact on our noses and ear-ribs causing a feeling of pain when in continuous use. But this type of irritation is hardly expected when you are wearing contact lenses. By wear time we can divide it into three types-daily wear, extended wear and continuous wear. A daily wear contact lens is designed to be removed before getting to sleep. An extended wear is meant for continuous overnight wear, typically for 6 or more consecutive nights. And longer wear lenses find new definition when they are made of silicone hydrogels that allow for even longer wear periods of up to 30 nights and it is called a continuous wear. These are some variety of contact lenses that you can opt for.

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