Werewolf Contact Lenses

The oldest and most widely spread horror story that is extremely popular over Halloween is the story of the shape-shifting werewolf. This genre has also become widely popular thanks to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, which shows a more romantic and sensitive side to being a werewolf. But this is Halloween and we want to scar the living hell out of people.

Some of the earliest accounts of werewolves come from Greek and Romanian times, where the popular story of King Lycaeon (where the name Lycan originates) began.

The story begins when King Lycaeon sacrificed one of his children to Zeus, but this only angered and disgusted the ancient Greek God and so decided to punish him. Zeus’ punishment was to turn the King into a werewolf and sending the Great Flood to eliminate human kind. However, the story did not die with the Great Flood, instead the story of such a creature evolved and is still a very popular story to tell today, especially over Halloween.

In films such as An American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers, Wolf Man and Ginger Snaps the werewolves seem to come out only when a full moon is set in the sky. However, as legend has it ‘real’ wolves have full control when they morph in and out of their werewolf skin, which illustrates one way in which the story has been adapted into modern entertainment. Throughout time, the name given to these creatures has also changed; these names include lycan, lycanthrope, shape shifters and werewolf amongst others, the most popular being werewolf and lycan. Lycan was popularised again die to the release of the popular films Underworld, starring Kate Beckinsale.

Looking through the eyes of a Lycan

Morphing into a werewolf is a great idea for Halloween especially as Halloween starts at Midnight where a full moon is normally seen in the sky. It is a popular theme/costume to wear, but with a pair of werewolf contact lenses it can really set your attire apart from the rest and make it a realistic and terrifying character. Werewolf contacts are a simple, effective and safe way to complete your outfit and get the werewolf look down to perfection.

With so many werewolf or lycanthrope films about, directors and make-up artists have taken many different forms of inspiration, especially when it comes to the colour of the werewolf’s eyes. The most popular colours tend to be green or yellow werewolf lenses, however red, white and full circle lenses are also a popular choice when wanting to portray these characters.

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