What Are the Different Types of Acuvue Contacts?

Acuvue is a leader in the contact lens industry for a number of reasons. Chief among them is their innovative approach to contact lenses themselves. The number one brand prescribed by doctors, these fantastic contact lenses has the highest UV protection rating of all major brands. In fact, many Acuvue lines have up to 97% UV-A and UV-B protection, something a lot of contact lens makers do not offer.

They also have a 1-2-3 inside out marker so you can tell if you a putting your contacts on correctly. Clear contacts even come with a visibility tint so they can easily be found in your contact lens solution.

With all these innovations, the outstanding lens manufacturer sets to outdo itself with great products that can suit every need and lifestyle. Their most popular brand lines include:

OASYS with Hydraclear Plus – Made for nearsighted or far sighted individuals, OYASYS with Hydraclear plus can be changed out every two weeks or worn for six consecutive days. The greatest advantage of these contact lenses is that they are extremely comfortable and lightweight. Many wearers feel they are not wearing contacts at all. OASYS with Hydraclear plus also comes in an advance formula that includes a moisture rich technology that keeps eyes from feeling too dried out during wear.

OASYS for astigmatism – OASYS for astigmatism was specifically designed for people who have the common corneal malformation. These contacts are specially shaped so that they stay stable in the eye, something that is essential for people with this particular vision problem. Like the Hydraclear plus brand, the contacts can be worn for 2 weeks or 6 consecutive days. This also comes in the moisture rich advance formula for those who have problems with dry eyes.

2-Colors brand – Cosmetic contact lenses have never been more comfortable or vibrant with Acuvue’s 2-Colors brand. The ten marvelous shades offered can be ordered with a near sighted or far sighted prescription or sans vision correction. Like all of the fabulous lenses under this manufacturer, color contacts can be worn for 2 weeks or 6 consecutive days. Perfect if you are looking for a dramatic change in your appearance.

Bifocal lenses – finally there is help for individuals who suffer from a combination of both near and far sightedness with lenses specifically created for people with presbyopia. This brand contact lens utilizes five concentric cones that are not visible to the naked eye. These cones help establish clear vision that can see both near and far. Bifocal lenses have all the same advantages as other Acuvue brands in regards to wearability and comfort.

1-Day lenses – for people who don’t wish to bother with daily upkeep, there are 1- Day contact lenses. Use them once, toss them away and pop in a fresh pair every day! 1- Day lenses moisture rich come in a patented LACREON technology to keep moisture in the eye during all day wear. There is little to no need for constant re-wetting with drops. You can also get 1-Day lenses that are devoid of this technology. Both 1- Day brands should be disposed of the following day to be replaced by a fresh pack of lenses.

Now that you realize the many choices that you have with Acuvue brand contact lenses you can rest assured that you will find a pair of lenses that will best suit your vision correction needs! Before you decide on what kind of contact lenses you should buy be sure to discuss all of these options with your eye doctor so you can make an informed and decision that will keep you and your eyes happy for years to come.

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