What to Know About Night Contact Lenses

Night contact lens

Since the discovery of contact lens, there has been a major challenge of the freedom to wear the lens during the night. Many wearers of contacts have been faced by this challenge for the past years. Nevertheless the good news is that you can now have night contact lens to help you see clearly even in the dark. The advancement in technology has led to the manufacture of such lenses that has made life easier for the wearers. Imagine the freedom of wearing the same pair of lenses for a maximum of 30 days and nights without having to worry about cleaning them and removing them each night or remembering to insert them each morning.

Night contact lens has been made in such a way that they can be worn during the day and night without the need of removing them. They are designed to deliver six times more oxygen than the average pair of soft contact lens to eliminate the build up of protein that causes discomfort and blurry vision on the lens. This helps you feel comfortable while wearing them. Night contact lens are suitable for people who hate the hassle accompanied by daily lens care but who either cannot afford or are apprehensive of the dangers related to laser surgery. However these contacts are not meant for everyone. Some people have very sensitive eyes that can not go for long periods of time with reduced oxygen exposure to their corneas while others may discover that wearing contacts over night cause discomfort due to dryness that occurs when there is no blinking which helps in wetting the eyes through the course of the night. Night contact lens is also not suitable for astigmatism correction, if you have this condition, then you will need to find “toric contacts” instead of night lenses.

With night contact lens, you can see when you get up in the middle of the night or even arrive at home late and you are not in the mood of taking your lenses out, you can sleep tightly assured that there is no danger that you are exposing your eyes to unlike the normal contacts. Before purchasing night lenses, ensure that you visit your optometrist who can go through your eye care history and assist you make the right decision based on your needs. However if your eyes are more sensitive to stay for a long period of time with one pair of lens, you need to look for an alternative.

If you have just begun wearing these contacts or are planning to start wearing them, you could start with the weekly wear lenses then go to the thirty days lenses. This will help prepare your eyes for the new trend. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to wear your contacts in the morning or forgetting to remove them at night while sleeping, night contact lens helps you overcome these challenges.

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