What Type of Color Contact Lenses Is Suitable for Brown Eyes?

According to the latest Survey, People with Brown eyes are consider to be intelligent! People with Brown eyes are also perceived as trustworthy and kind according to the survey.

So what should you consider if you want to enhance your beautiful Brown eyes with colored contact lenses? What type of lenses would work best for you? Simply to start with, you should first identify the type of colored contact lenses available in the market.

The type of color lenses available are

1.enhancement tints
2. visibility tints
3. color tints

Enhancement tint lenses work in a way that it enhances your Eye color making you eye look bright and attractive, where as Color tints on the other hand will change the color of your Eye with its color (they are usually available with a range of beautiful range of color to choose from). Visibility Tints lenses do not change or enhance any of you eye at all. This type of lens is added with a faint color, unnoticeable when you wear it but it is mainly for you to locate it when you try to wear you lens or accidentally drop it.

Choose the Look that feels Fantastic for You

Choosing the Look that feels Fantastic or comfortable for you is always very personal and really up to your preference.

People with Brown eyes may want to be Adventurous at times and decide to change the color of the eye; in this case he or she may want to choose the Color tints type of lenses. These types of lenses will undoubtedly make you a center of attention as it very noticeable.

Incidentally, if you would like to have just a subtle change in your appearance, the Enhancement tints may be the right choice for you. These types of lenses may also catch some attention but it will not be as loud as color tints.

Type of color Lenses can be very personal as you may like Green clothing and finding that green color suits you better and may choose green color lenses as a form of accessorizing your wardrobe. The same goes with other color as you may choose blue or red if you are a person who prefers naturally bright and cheerful stuff.

People with warm skin tone may want try hazel or violet as it will enhance your eye due to its attention grapping color. Choose your eye shadow and mascara to enhance your look together with the right color contact lenses are always a great ideal and can be a lot of fun!