What’s New With Durasoft Contact Lenses? Plenty!

With the latest economic fiasco that we are in, nothing is certain. Even the eyeglasses you are wearing are being revolutionized with the rise in contact lens choices. To be “in” in fashion, you need to have the latest trendy clothes. Similarly, with the latest fashion trends, contact lenses bring out the new advances in eye care and at the same time, eye fashion. Durasoft contact lenses have the latest innovation in colors. From the transparent look of the contacts of the past, color lenses are now emerging. Plus they are as much a fun fashion statement as much as a visual correction device.

Just like other lenses, Durasoft contact lenses (Product ID: 30632641) are used for visual correction such as nearsightedness and astigmatism. These are also used as bifocals. However, these contacts come with a twist, because of the variation of colors they have to offer that it can be used as cosmetic contact lenses and even as custom contact lenses. Manufactured by Ciba Vision/WesleJessen, these contacts were released in the market to promote better care and comfort for the eyes and at the same time eye fashion because of the colors and designs. These can be worn at all occasions, even when just engaging in sports. The best part of wearing them is that they can make your eyes naturally look different going from the typical dark color to a more vibrant one. The designs and color are unique because they blend with your natural eye color and makes a more complex structure and appearance.

The Durasoft contact lenses have a large variety of colors which include baby blue, sapphire blue, aqua, jade green, emerald green, violet, misty grey, hazel and chestnut brown. With a water content of 55%, wearing these lenses can prevent your eyes from dryness. They are also designed for long-term use and can actually last for a year. That’s long for permeable lenses. Just like the other brands, Durasoft is available in optical shops and online retailers for a cheap price. Durasoft color contacts are guaranteed which is a bonus for those who are looking for inexpensive contact lenses but with style. People who are thinking of shifting from eyeglasses to contacts, should check out the chic new styles and colors.

Another color contact lens brand that is comparable with Durasoft are the Freshlook Colorblend lenses with a Product ID of 30624329. Freshlook also delivers intricate designs just like Durasoft. It is manufactured by CIBAVision. The specifications for the Colorblends are 45% Polmer (phemfilcon A) and a water content of 55%. Colorblend contacts hydrate the eyes well.