Where Can You Get Crazy Contact Lenses?

Everyone needs a change now and again, especially when it comes to personal aesthetics. When the itch to experiment arises, there are many ways to achieve a new and exciting look. One way is through dramatic change in our hair style or clothing. Another way to do this is via the use of colored or novelty contact lenses.

For those who are feeling a bit adventurous but may not want to walk too far on the wild side, they may simply go with a different eye color. Individuals who wish to boldly go forth with something outrageous and daring, may find that cat’s eye, black and white or spiral lenses are the remedy.

People who look for interesting and unusual contacts don’t merely have to do so to make a unique fashion statement, such lenses can also be used for costumes, plays or any needful occasion. Problem is, when people attempt to locate these fanciful lenses they are often at a loss of where to go.

Below is a listing of some of the more common areas where one can locate odd ball contacts that will offset a wonderful costume or complete a fantastic new look.

Online retailers

The largest inventory of unusual contact lenses would of course be on the Internet. This is because merchants that sell these eye accessories can hawk their wares from anywhere on the globe. In the end, you’ll have literally hundred of companies to choose from when you decide to look for insane looking contact lenses.

Just be wary when purchasing anything outside of the US, especially if the item is something you plan to place on a delicate area of your body like your eye. The United States has stringent rules about company conduct and consumer safety but other nations may not have such rules in place. Also, should something go terribly wrong, like an infection that costs you your sight, you may not have legal recourse.

If you do wish to purchase a pair of outrageous contacts from overseas, be sure to investigate those countries policies in regards to business accountability and liability.

Costume and novelty stores – Specialty shops that sell theater or Halloween costumes could carry several lines of contact lens in a variety of styles. Before visiting the store you have in mind, try calling them to see if they have what you are looking for. Even if they do not, they may be able to refer you to a company or two that does.

Counterculture hot spots – Goths and Emo subcultures are into avante garde and underground fashions. If you go to where such creatures hang out, you are bound to see one or two them sporting wonderfully decadent eyewear. If you feel so bold, you can go up to the person and ask where they procured their lenses.

If you are feeling bit sheepish about approaching a perfect stranger and asking such a question, all you have to do is find out where Goths and Emo type personalities shop. Most of these stores carry accessories like creature or special effects contacts for a small fee. There may even be wigs and other items that can really cement the look you are going for.

Pre Eye Exam

Before you stick anything in your eye however, get an eye exam to make sure it will be okay to do so. Just because the contacts will be used for cosmetic purposes doesn’t mitigate the potential dangers to your vision should you put them in wrong (or leave them in overnight). When you receive the go ahead, feel free to hunt for the contact lenses you desire most.

Picking one or several pairs will not only open up a new door to your creativity, it will allow you to explore a side of your personality that has lain dormant and will now get a chance to come out and play.

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