Why Are There Special Contact Lenses For Those With Astigmatism?

Throughout our lives, our eyes can undergo many conditions that can affect one’s sight. One such eye condition many people become afflicted with is astigmatism. When light enters the eye, it must bend properly so that it creates a sharp image. The layer on the surface of the eye called the cornea is the layer that bends light when it penetrates the eye. The cornea should be completely round, however; the cornea will often become a different shape. Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea is oval. The result is a smeared condition where lines in one direction will be sharp while lines in another direction will be blurry. This condition creates a blurry image affecting the distance and near sharpness. For those with astigmatism, wearing contact lenses has become a method of correcting the condition to allow one to improve their sight.

Contact lenses for people with astigmatism have an additional element called a toric lens. This lens will bend the light to counteract the effects of astigmatism. The heavier side will cover the bottom of the eye which makes sure that the right part of the lens is over the right part of the eye. The contact lens rests on the bottom of the lens to help hold the lens in position. This allows the light to enter the eye to be distributes properly which improves one’s sight. As the patient blinks the contact lens could constantly rotate, but the heaviness part of the lens keeps it from rotating.

A Gas Permeable GP lens is a semi-hard lens which corrects for astigmatism by making the eye surface a spherical shape. It does this because the lens is spherical. Gas Permeable lenses are the principal means of correcting irregular astigmatism, which can cause such diseases as keratoconus. The tears fill the space between the irregular cornea and lens resulting in a smoother surface of the eye. If a large quantity of astigmatism is coming from the lens of the eye, this indicates the spherical design of the contact lens is not working. One is then usually fitted with a toric lens design.

Soft Toric contacts are available in an assortment of replacement types. They are very comfortable, adaptable, and easy to care for as long as one follows the proper care and maintenance routine. They are available as extended wear lenses permitting up to 30 days of nonstop wear. They can also come in a variety of colors which can change the color of one’s eyes. There are traditional lens designs and disposable lenses which are worn for a specified period of time such as a week, 2 weeks, or a month before they are tossed away and replaced with a new pair of lenses.

Because so many people can have different eye problems that can affect their sight, contact lens companies have responded by making lenses that can work to help improve sight for eyes that have a wide range of health conditions. When acquiring contact lenses, it is important that you are aware of the many conditions one can have that will affect the type of contact lens they wear.

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