Why Choose Contact Lenses Over Glasses

There are a plethora of benefits attached with wearing contact lenses and people who choose glasses over contacts definitely do miss out on the benefits and ease of use being provided by the contact lens manufacturers nowadays. Many glasses-wearers would not know that thanks to some breakthrough technologies in the contact lens industry; contacts today are highly affordable, easy to maintain and require its wearers to be a lot less cautious. Plus, contact lenses nowadays also come in all sorts of flexible varieties and in a spectrum of jaw-dropping colours and styles. Not to mention that a pair of contact lenses that match your complexion can do wonders to your self-confidence and overall aura.

Also, many glasses-wearers may not know that contact lenses represent the size of objects more accurately as compared to glasses. Also peripheral vision is limited because of the frame of the glasses; whereas with contact lenses, the lens obviously moves with the eye and therefore there is no limit on the peripheral vision.

Another big plus with wearing contacts is that they are unaffected by the weather – unlike your glasses that tend to get misty, wet or sticky in extreme temperatures. For those people who frequently engage in physically intense activities (like dance and sports); glasses obviously are not the best option and therefore can seriously hinder ones confidence and physical movement – lenses do not have that limitation.

Glasses can become a real hassle for people who suffer from severe short sightedness because then the glasses need to be way too thick and heavy. On the other hand, some contacts are actually designed to cure short sightedness without making the wearer’s eyes look small (as is the case with thick glasses). Also, if there is a huge gap between the visual capabilities of the two eyes (greater than 2.5 diopters to be exact) then glasses cannot really provide much help and contacts are the only viable solution.

However, the downside of using contacts is that since they need to be replaced a lot more frequently, they cost a bit more. Also if the wearer opts to use a conventional lens (as opposed to using a Silicone Hydrogel lens) then there could be a risk of eye infection – especially if the directions are not followed correctly.

All in all, the benefits of using contact lenses seem to outweigh the disadvantages and if a glasses-wearer opts to switch to contacts; it will surely payback hugely.

Dominic Donaldson is a published writer. Find out more about contact lenses and the services offered from Lenstore.co.uk