Why Do So Many People Prefer ACUVUE Contact Lenses?

ACUVUE brand contact lenses are one of the most popular brands of contacts available today. ACUVUE, by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, make disposable contact lenses for daily and weekly wear, for people with astigmatism and presbyopia, for changing the eye color, and for people who want bifocal or multifocal contacts.

Daily Disposables

ACUVUE 1 Day and ACUVUE 1 Day Moist are daily disposable contacts, meant to be worn once and then thrown away. There’s no cleaning or storing involved so they’re ideal for people with a busy lifestyle and for whom convenience is a priority.

Weekly Disposables

ACUVUE Oasys and ACUVUE Advance are two of the most popular Acuuve brand with two week replacement schedules. These contacts can be worn for up to two weeks at a time, removed each night for cleaning, or worn for a maximum of 6 nights consequetively before replacement.


ACUVUE Oasys for Astigmatism and ACUVUE Advance for Astigmatism are designed for people with blurred vision due to irregular shaped cornea. These lenses offer all the benefits and comfort of disposable lenses on a two week replacement schedule.


ACUVUE Oasys for Presbyopia are contacts for people with trouble seeing objects up close, a common condition as we age. These lenses are comfortable two week disposable contacts.

Color Contacts

ACUVUE 2 Colour Opaques and ACUVUE 2 Colour Enhancers are two of the most popular lines of disposable color contacts int he world. The Opaques are designed to change the color of dark or light eyes. Enhancers allow natural eye color to show through and are designed for light eyes. All together, there are ten colors to choose from. ACUVUE 2 Colours follow a two week replacement schedule


ACUVUE Bifocal contact lenses allows you to see clearly both near and far, across variable lighting conditions.

In conclusion, ACUVUE makes many different designs and styles to fit anyone’s lifestyle and to help anyone correct their vision no matter what problem you have. Not only are ACUVUE lenses easily affordable for anyone wearer of contacts (especially when you shop online for them), they are comfortable, utulizing the latest silicone hydrogel materials for non-irritating, all day wear.

To order ACUVUE brand contact lenses online, you must have a valid prescription from your eye doctor. By law in the United States, you must have a prescription to order lenses and your eye doctor is obligated by law also to provide you with a copy of your Rx.

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