Why Wear Sports Sunglasses?

If you regularly undertake outdoors exercise such as running or cycling you may find yourself contemplating a pair of sunglasses. What are the persuasive reasons you might need in order to persuade your spouse that you can buy some new sunglasses? Here are 4 ideas to add to your arsenal:

Grit in your eyes – On a bicycle, you are particularly are risk from flies and grit in your eyes. This is totally preventable by wearing a pair of sunglasses. Runners might not be susceptible to grit but flies are non-discriminating and will fly into a runner’s eye as happily as a cyclist.

Sun – Running is monotonous and painful enough without having to run for several miles squinting into the sun. Explain to your spouse that you are simply preventing wrinkles by purchasing sunglasses.

Wind – Picture the scenario. You have just run several miles into the sun and now you have to turn round and run home into the wind. Even worse, the wind is strong enough to whip the grit up into your eyes.

Anonymity – Now then, next scenario – you are aiming for a personal best and running your hardest. This is not the time you need people to be making eye contact and asking for directions. The easy solution again is a pair of sunglasses to avoid eye contact.

So you have persuaded yourself and your spouse that you need them but are asking yourself why not just normal sunglasses?

The chief reason you should find yourself a pair of sports sunglasses is the strength of the lens. Sports sunglasses often have a polycarbonate lens which is stronger than glass but lighter. Polycarbonate is the material used in aircraft windshields which is a good demonstration of its strength. The frame is also usually made of a tough but flexible material.

Sports sunglasses are also good for golfers. Sports sunglasses usually are styled without a bottom frame and this is particularly good as it doesn’t interfere with the golf swing.