Why You Need Bicycle Sunglasses

Bicycle sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement- they are also functional life savers. They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays as well as debris from the wind. Unhindered eyesight also ensures that the cyclist is able to pedal around dangerous zones on the road, so that means that sunglasses also improve a rider’s overall safety during a trip.

Danger #1: The Sun

If you want to pedal outside during good weather, you'll definitely need protection from the sun. Sunrays are good for you, but too much of this friendly beam can cause cancer and blindness. Even when the day isn't exceptionally sunny, a quick parting of the clouds could cause a sudden glare enough to temporarily cripple a cyclist's vision. As the last thing you want to do is to accidentally fall into a ditch or cycle into something, it'll probably be a good idea to start off your journey by first putting on your pair of bicycle sunglasses.

Danger #2: Debris

Cycling really fast is fun, especially when you feel the wind blowing against your face. The problem is that lots of things will also be grazing against your eyeballs including strands of stray hair and small particles in the wind. Hair may not be as damaging as it is annoying, but having tiny debris in your eye can be potentially damaging especially when you tend to rub your eyes when they itch.

Choosing Your Sunglasses

The reason why people opt for bicycle sunglasses rather than simply wearing any random pair of sunglasses is that your generic pair of sunglasses is not going to stay on the bridge of your nose when you start moving at high speed over bumps and curbs. A decent pair of frames should come with a wrap-around structure that ensures that your eye area is completely inaccessible to particles. To avoid the lenses from fogging up, bicycle spectacles should also come with tiny air holes to allow moisture in the air to escape.