Will Contact Lenses Save Your Vision?

Eyeglasses and contact lenses have become much more than just apparatuses that correct your vision, and make you see better. They have now become fashion accessory items, with fancy frames for glasses, that sometimes are more glaringly a distraction rather than a fashion adornment. There are also new technologies such as transition lens, that can turn a shade darker if you are under the sun directly.

Contact lenses have joined the foray of fashion too. Check out the contact lens that have multiple colors and hues on them. They have brown ones, for those with light blue or green eyes to turn their eyes brown for whatever reasons. Check out the floral ones as well. Look closely at one of your friend who has joined the multitudes in wearing these floral lenses, and you will see the cute floral patterns in the iris.

Let’s take a macro view and go back to the beginning. Why were eyeglasses and contact lenses invented? They were invented so that they can help to correct any defective vision, especially the common ones such as long sightedness or short sightedness. They can help to readjust the focal length so that images are sharp in your retina.

I have worn glasses before to correct my vision from years of mugging and studying for my exams back in high school and college. Sure, I have obtained good results that landed me decent jobs, but I have sacrificed my perfect vision for those grades. In my experience and opinions, being dependent on glasses is unnatural and sad. How many of you know friends whose vision has further deteriorated over time by wearing glasses?

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