Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Safe Halloween Contact Lens!

If you’ve been looking at the incredible selection of Halloween contact lenses, you know that nothing completes a Halloween costume better. When the right pair of these fun contact lenses is paired with your costume, you don’t even need makeup! Your eyes tell the story.

You can look sweet, angelic, freaky, wild, crazy, slithery, demonic, twisted, possessed, maniacal, or zombie-like. Anything is possible when you wear these theatrical contact lenses for Halloween. What began in the entertainment industry is now available to everyone. Whether you want to change the color of your iris or cover your entire eye (sclera contact lenses), this year’s selection will give you plenty of choices.

But more and more, the safety of these contacts has been questioned. And since this holiday is just around the corner, it’s a good time to review the facts.

First, when consumers abuse a product – any product – problems can arise. This is also true of contact lenses, whether they’re Halloween contact lenses or everyday prescription lenses. Here are some safety rules to follow to insure that your Halloween contact lenses give you the impact you want-safely.

•Purchase your Halloween lenses from the same high quality suppliers you would choose for everyday contact lenses.
•Never purchase contact lenses from a supplier that does not require a prescription. That includes salons, tattoo parlors, flea markets, or costume shops. Even if you don’t need contacts for vision correction, a prescription spells out the proper fitting requirements for your eyes. Proper fit means no moving around and rubbing on the eye surface that can cause infections and permanent damage if left untreated. Seriously…the exam is quick and inexpensive and is well worth the time to protect your sight.
•Purchase only Halloween lenses that have been manufactured by FDA approved contact lens specialists. THIS IS IMPORTANT, as many theatrical lenses are being illegally imported from foreign countries that do not follow FDA manufacturing safety requirements. Some of the best contact lens manufacturers who also make Halloween contact lenses are: Ciba Vision (Wild Eyes), Cooper Vision (Crazy Lenses), and Softlens Technology (Gothika). The best deals are from high quality online suppliers. Be sure to check out discounts and free shipping offers.
•Never wear you lenses to sleep, even if it’s just a nap.
•Never wear your Halloween lenses longer than 8 hours. Take a lens case and solution with you to the party. If your eyes feel irritated or if you’ve had your contacts in for 8 hours, take them out.
•Never share your Halloween contacts with anyone, ever! You’ll look so cool that your friends will ask to try them on. Don’t do it. There is no quicker way to spread a serious eye infection.
•Don’t spit on your lenses to clean them. This seems like a no-brain-er, but I’ve seen people actually do this, then pop them back into their eyes! How gross is that.
•Always wash and rinse your hands before handling or inserting your lenses.

That’s it. Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be the hit of the party. (Hope you win the costume contest!)

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