Acuvue Contacts – Options For Every Corrective Lens Need

If you are a part of that special group of individuals who wear corrective lenses, chances are you’ve heard of Acuvue contacts. Whether you’re a staunch glasses person or you currently use a different type of contact lenses, it may be just the right time to give one of the many top of the line lens offered by Acuvue a try.

Since their introduction of the first soft disposable contact lenses in 1988, Acuvue has enjoyed a reputation as an industry leader, offering contact lenses that are virtually unparalleled in terms of comfort, clarity and simplicity. Acuvue crafts each and every one of its current contact lenses with silicone hydrogel technology, which provides the utmost in oxygen flow to the eye, maximizing both long lasting comfort and eye health.

Acuvue offers super comfortable contact lenses that can provide any corrective lens need. Take a few moments now to learn a bit more about the many options in Acuvue’s wide line of products to determine which variety is right for you.

Single Day Use Lenses

If you’re most familiar with daily wear or extended wear contact lenses, it could be time to give Acuvue One Day contact lenses a try. These innovative new lenses are the simplest and most comfortable way yet to enjoy crystal clear vision. The concept is simple: single day use lenses require no cleaning and no storage. Simply open a new pair in the morning and throw them out at the end of the day.

In addition to eliminating the annoying cleaning and storage process that comes with other types of contact lenses, single use contacts also do away with the accumulated pollen, dust and other microscopic debris that can build up on other lenses. This adds up to that fresh from the box feeling every time you wear them.

Bifocal Lenses

Glasses and contact lens wearers who are in need of bifocal corrective lenses will simply love Acuvue’s version of bifocal contacts. If you’ve opted up until this point to stick with traditional bifocal glasses to correct your vision, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy and comfortable Acuvue’s system is. If you’ve tried other brands of bifocal contacts, take a chance and see what life is like on the other side of the fence.

These innovative bifocal contacts are crafted with Acuvue’s “Intelligent Design” technique, which entails five seamless concentric zones around the lens that let you see perfectly, both far and near without making any adjustments. Since proper placement of these lenses is essential to their use, Acuvue marks each lens with their special “1-2-3 Indicator” for simple and accurate application every time you use them.

Color Enhancing Lenses

For contact lens wearers who are in the mood for a color change, whether subtle or drastic, Acuvue has got just the lenses for you. For users with lighter colored eyes who are looking for a slight change or emphasis of their eye color, Acuvue Enhancers are the perfect choice to slightly alter the tint and hue of your current iris color.

If you are looking for a more noticeable change or if you’ve got dark eyes and would like to see how you’d look with a different eye color, Acuvue Colors Opaque lenses are the best choice. Acuvue’s color altering contact lenses offer a completely natural looking new color and are available in blue, chestnut brown, green, grey, hazel, honey or sapphire blue.

Astigmatism Correcting Lenses

If you are one of the many contact lens wearers who suffers from astigmatism, Acvue’s Advance for Astigmatism contact could offer the most comfortable and stable option for correcting your vision. These specially designed contacts are engineered with the special problems of astigmatism in mind. One feature that other lenses may not be able to match is Acuvue’s Assisted Stabilization design, which uses your normal blinking motion to ensure your lenses stay in perfect position.

Presbyopia Lenses

If you are a corrective lens wearer who has begun to experience the bothersome symptoms of presbyopia, Acuvue’s specialized Oasys for Presbyopia lenses. Taking into account the special conditions caused by presbyopia, these lenses a designed to provide the utmost of ease and comfort in a variety of lighting conditions and for focusing both near and far. These uniquely engineered disposable lenses are also designed to maintain proper moisture levels so that your eyes will be comfortable all day long.

Acuvue contact lenses are a great option for anyone who has ever worn contact lenses. Most glasses wearers are good candidates as well. On your next visit to your eye care specialist, be sure to ask about Acuvue’s many options for sufferers of less than perfect vision. You won’t regret taking the time to experience the long lasting comfort and ease of Acuvue contacts.

Joanna Gomez is a freelance writer who writes about health, eye care and specific products such as Acuvue Oasys.