Nike Contact Lenses Puts Sun Glasses on Your Eyes

Before the invention of Nike contact lenses, the only way athletes could block the sun from their eyes was through sunglasses. This in itself was very inconvenient, especially for sports requiring a lot of running or jumping movement. There was always the potential that the sunglasses could come off and/or get scratched while the athlete was at play. With Nike contact lenses, this worry would become nonexistent. Continue reading Nike Contact Lenses Puts Sun Glasses on Your Eyes

Voice Activated Sun Glasses

Someone needs to design a system that can lower sunglass lenses over your glasses or lower a welders shield over their eyes by way of a voice activated command. Have you ever been driving your car and as you turn at different angles the Sun is in different spots and you have to keep squinting or move the Sun Visor? Why not have the Sun Glasses, which are clear, but upon a voice command are instantly shaded? How can someone build such a thing you are probably saying? And you probably want a pair when they do. Continue reading Voice Activated Sun Glasses