Eyeglass Cases Are Not Just For Storing Eyewear

Ask anyone on the street about eyeglass cases and the first thing they will think about are the rather ordinary looking pouches that their eyeglass retailer gives them when they purchase a new pair. What they don’t realize is that nowadays, eye glass cases are not just used for the functionality of protecting your lens’s when not in use, but they can also be used as way to express yourself stylistically much in the way a woman would use a pocket book for. Continue reading Eyeglass Cases Are Not Just For Storing Eyewear

Eyeglasses and Cases Donation

In underdeveloped regions on this planet, all sorts of things are needed. At the other side, there are many individuals in the world who want to donate items within their homes to good causes. How to bridge this gap? Donation organizations thus play an important proxy role. Eyeglasses and eyeglass cases are among the things that can be donated, because there are many children and adults who need the gift of eyesight but can not afford those advanced eyeglasses. Continue reading Eyeglasses and Cases Donation