Fall Sunglass Styles

For the hot months of spring and summer, slim and wire-rimmed sunglasses tend to be most popular. But fall is the time for sweaters, jackets, windy days, and larger, more colorful sunglass styles. Here are a few sunglass styles that are in vogue this season. Continue reading Fall Sunglass Styles

Sunglass Hut

The successful history of Sunglass Hut started in 1971 with a small shop in mall from Miami. It’s creator, Sanford Ziff, managed to open in the following years more and more outlets and by 1986, the total sales of the business had risen to a staggering $24 million per year. Continue reading Sunglass Hut

The Truth About Sunglass Side Shields

Sunglass side shields protect your eyes from glare and bright light, and they’re a terrific fashion accessory. But they also offer eye protection, shielding the eye from potentially damaging ultraviolet (UV) light. Experts say that even just short periods of exposure to UV radiation can cause eye damage over a long period of time, just from going out every day without eye protection. Continue reading The Truth About Sunglass Side Shields