Understanding Thinner Lenses

There are so many additives to choose from when shopping for new eyeglasses – it can actually get confusing after awhile! Furthermore, the salesman breathing down your neck can definitely bring on some added stress. So how do you know what is truly needed, and what isn’t? When it comes to the thickness of your lenses, it seems like society’s obsession with being thin has made its way onto our eyeglasses as well. However, thin lenses have several added benefits for your glasses. Continue reading Understanding Thinner Lenses

Understanding Eyeglasses and Lenses

The last time you visited your eye doctor, did he or she explain your prescription to you? What about the type of vision correction you need? Were you given any kind of suggestion for what kind of lenses would work best with your prescription or were you left with an optician to make those decision for you? Chances are good that you were left in the dark and this is not uncommon. Many eye doctors will check your vision, hand you a copy of your prescription, and send you off to go purchase eyeglasses with a sales agent. Continue reading Understanding Eyeglasses and Lenses

Glare From Eyeglass Lenses?

Ever noticed glare or reflection from someone’s eyeglass lens? The person wearing these glasses and lenses may not realize it, but 8% of light that hits a person’s glasses induces annoying reflections and glare. This reflection and glare causes not only vision disturbance but also reduction in the person’s vision. Continue reading Glare From Eyeglass Lenses?

Top 4 Questions and Answers About Eyeglasses and Lenses

Many people assume that wearing eyeglasses is a no-brainer! When your prescription changes or you switch to a new lens, questions start popping up! It’s common for newcomers to eyewear to ask their eye doctor a handful of questions when they are told for the first time that they need to wear prescription glasses. More questions arise when prescriptions change and someone goes from wearing only single vision lenses to multifocal glasses. Continue reading Top 4 Questions and Answers About Eyeglasses and Lenses

The Facts on High Index Lenses for Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses is an old concept but the idea of thinner and lighter lenses that are more attractive and far more comfortable is relatively new. If you have a stronger prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, high index lenses may be the best choice for you. Since most people who wear eyeglasses are nearsighted, they require lenses that are thin in the center but thicker around the edges – the strong the prescription, the thicker the edges will be causing unnecessary stress on the nasal cavities. Continue reading The Facts on High Index Lenses for Eyeglasses

Do You Want To Know More About Anti-Reflective Eyeglass Lenses? Check This Article Out!

Sunlight that hits corrective lenses can bounce back off them, causing a glare that can be disturbing for the wearer and distracting for people who are socializing with her. This is because it causes distracting reflections on the front and back of the lenses. Optometrists can put an anti-reflective coating on corrective lenses to reduce these unwanted distracting reflections. This thin special coating has benefits for the eyeglass wearer. This super thin material really improves the clarity of vision, and makes a person’s eyes less tired at the end of a typical day. Continue reading Do You Want To Know More About Anti-Reflective Eyeglass Lenses? Check This Article Out!

Why Use Eyeglass Lenses?

A necessary part of having a pair of eyeglasses is the lenses. Lenses are made from three basic materials: plastic, glass, and polycarbonate. Plastic, the widely used material for lenses and it is stain resistant and lightweight but limited to simply being scratched. Glass is as well used for lenses and is cut resistant but is heavy and breakable. Most everyday use lenses are created from high resin. Hard resin lenses are actually lightweight, offer good optical excellence, and are resistant to scratches. Continue reading Why Use Eyeglass Lenses?

How to Choose Your Eyeglass Lenses

Frames and lenses

There are lots of choices when it comes to frames and lenses. You might get lost in the optician’s store. It could be that you are not that familiar with the process given all the choices available to you. In the eye care business, we are faced with a number of questions on a daily basis and one of these questions is WHAT KIND OF LENS MATERIAL IS APPROPRIATE FOR ME? Continue reading How to Choose Your Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglass Lenses

In the last few years there has been a sudden increase of new products introduced into the optical industry. All this new technology has enabled us to satisfy various needs that we were unable to satisfy a few years ago. So if you were told that you could not get a progressive lens in the frame you really liked, odds are that now you can. Continue reading Eyeglass Lenses