The Facts About Baby Sunglasses

Years ago, a pair of baby sunglasses might have been considered a novelty item, cute but not necessarily functional. Times have changed. The ozone layer has thinned. There has been an increase in the amount of harmful UVA and UVB radiation which reaches the surface of the Earth. Protective eye wear for young and old alike is now considered both necessary and fashionable. Continue reading The Facts About Baby Sunglasses

Children’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses for children should be one of your top priorities to provide for your child as a parent. Usually kids need the sunglasses more than us adults, because in most cases (not all) they are outside more than us. The harmful UV rays are especially more harmful to children, being that they are not as developed as adults and their eyesight should be treated with fragile care. Continue reading Children’s Sunglasses

Cool Sunglasses – Children Want To Wear Them Too!

Children don’t worry about the designer name when it comes to sunglasses. They just want to have cool sunglasses so that they look cool when they are wearing their shades. Parents often don’t realize the importance of choosing the right sunglasses for kids and that even a baby should wear sunglasses to protect those cute little eyes. When buying cool sunglasses for your kids you should check the UV protection that the sunglasses provide. Continue reading Cool Sunglasses – Children Want To Wear Them Too!