The Psychological And Social Effects Of Wearing Eyeglasses In Children’s Lives

Seeing is one of the human being’s five common senses. Babies start to see in 3-4 months after the birth. The babies that are born on the expected date, start to see and recognize their mother’s face on the 3rd week. However, the premature babies start to develop this sense much later. Therefore, the development on the surface of the retina must be followed in first weeks. Continue reading The Psychological And Social Effects Of Wearing Eyeglasses In Children’s Lives

Tips for Buying Children Eyeglasses

Buying children eyeglasses can be quite a challenge and you have to consider several things. Taking your child to the optician is only half the journey, and once it has been decided that your child will need glasses it can be daunting for them. Convincing your child that there are attractive glasses available that will not get them teased can be difficult. Continue reading Tips for Buying Children Eyeglasses

Tips for Perfect Teen Eyeglasses

Remember when you were a teenager? You had to dress just like everyone else and look like part of the crowd – even if you weren’t. Times haven’t really changed and today’s teens are just like we were in generations gone past. When it comes to fashion, teenagers are starting to set the trends and eyeglasses are a big part of their wardrobe. Since the teenage years are troubled times for some, Continue reading Tips for Perfect Teen Eyeglasses

Choose Eyeglasses for Children

For young small children, contact lenses simply aren’t a choice when vision correction is needed. Contact lenses can typically be regarded as viable once the child hits the teen years, but until then, eyeglasses would be the most effective selection. Luckily, eyeglasses have changed radically in recent years. Continue reading Choose Eyeglasses for Children

Eyeglass Selection For Children

Selecting a pair of children’s eyeglasses always requires more time and skills. Some parents are quite confused by the various types of children’s eyeglasses. Actually, there are many different kinds of spectacle frames that are specially designed for those kids. With this wider selection, parents are more likely to get confused that which frame is exactly suitable for their kids. One requirement is clear that a kid should feel comfortable with his or her glasses. Continue reading Eyeglass Selection For Children

Corrective Eyeglasses For Children

In the world, many children are suffering from vision problems. This is quite convincing that the eyes need proper care not only at old ages, but also young days more importantly. The most common eye refractive errors in children and youngsters are nearsightedness and farsightedness. Since most children are not serious or can not be aware of these vision problems, the responsibility of detecting them lies in parents. Continue reading Corrective Eyeglasses For Children

Children’s Eyeglasses and the Six Musts to Buying Them

Many parents dread walking into an optical store in search of buying a pair of eyeglasses for their children. Not only is it a pain at time but it also can be a little confusing. There are so many children’s eyeglass frames to choose from that even finding a starting point is difficult, but that’s only of the problems. What about deciding which ones your child would actually enjoy wearing or what frame will last longer than a few days? Continue reading Children’s Eyeglasses and the Six Musts to Buying Them

Eyeglasses and Your Child – How Not to Be a Geek

Up until about fifteen to twenty years ago, young children needing glasses would refuse to wear them because it looked like the glasses were swallowing up their face. All that was really available for small faces were these plastic frames with big thick rims. Those kids that could get by with not wearing their glasses all of the time would take them off once they got to school so other children wouldn’t make fun of them. Continue reading Eyeglasses and Your Child – How Not to Be a Geek

Frame and Lens Consideration of Children’s Eyeglasses

Nowadays, vision problems including nearsightedness and farsightedness commonly occur in children. It is widely believed that these types of vision imperfection are caused by improper use of children’s eyes during their study and other entertainment activities such as watching TV. Since children’s eyes are immature, eyeglasses are the mostly suggested solution to correct their vision problems. Continue reading Frame and Lens Consideration of Children’s Eyeglasses

Must-Know for Parents in Buying Children’s Eyeglasses

It is always hard for parents to select eyeglasses that both satisfy their children and last a long time. Children’s nearsighted or farsighted glasses come in a variety of frames, lenses and materials. Other factors such as the lens power and full- or part-time wear are also worth careful consideration. This writing describes several aspects about children’s eyeglasses selection. Continue reading Must-Know for Parents in Buying Children’s Eyeglasses