Superiority of Wearing Contact Lens to Eyeglasses

Nowadays, eyeglass manufacture has been threatened by the emergence of contact lenses, two pieces of discs which are placed on the retina to correct vision. With the production of contacts of various types and colors, the competition comes to be fierce. There are rigid or semi-rigid, whose maintenance is relatively easy but which are sometimes poorly tolerated by the eye. Other versions of flexible plastic polymer are easier to accept but require careful daily cleaning with a special product. Continue reading Superiority of Wearing Contact Lens to Eyeglasses

FAQ in Contact Lens Over Eyeglasses

More and more people over the last decade have switched from using reading and corrective eyeglasses to contact lens. They have come to realize the significant benefits this product can offer to their everyday lives. To those who still doubt on the edge of contacts over regular glasses, here are some answered questions you can read to understand the role of contacts in helping you with your vision problems. Continue reading FAQ in Contact Lens Over Eyeglasses

Better Eyes – Protect Your Eyes From Eyeglasses or Contacts

The eye balls are unquestionably one of the most critical of all five sensory faculties. You have to have them to view and experience the world around us. The eyes permit you to read and to get tasks finished. The eyes make it easier to remember pictures you previously came across, and they always keep your dreams full of life at night time. You are going to enjoy all of these amazing benefits even more just by building better eyes. Continue reading Better Eyes – Protect Your Eyes From Eyeglasses or Contacts

Contact Lenses Or Eyeglasses?

Once it has been determined that you have a vision problem, the inevitable question is bound to surface: is it going to be contact lenses or is it going to be eyeglasses? Each one will correct your vision issues. Each one has its share of benefits as well as its share of drawbacks. In the end, it is completely a matter of personal preference, and which vision correction method will suit your lifestyle the best. Continue reading Contact Lenses Or Eyeglasses?

Don’t Let Eyeglasses Make You Look Like a Nerd

Remember the days when wearing a simple pair of glasses labeled you as a ‘nerd’? Well, times have almost changed. Though the Geek-chic look has made many who wear glasses look like a nerd on purpose, it’s still a fad that most of the eyeglasses-wearing population has gone against. Many hipsters and college-aged kids make the fad look cool but not everyone wants to look like a nerd. With the amount of varying styles, colors, and materials for glasses on the market now, your prescription glasses can now enhance your wardrobe instead of drag it down. Continue reading Don’t Let Eyeglasses Make You Look Like a Nerd

Behavioral Problems Helped by Eyeglasses

When children start acting up and misbehaving, whether in the classroom or at home, the easiest tactic is usually to ship them off to a social worker or psychologist. They will often see the child’s low attention span, or inability to focus, and immediately diagnose some form of ADD or ADHD, or another behavioral problem. What few succeed in understanding is that a child’s vision is key when it comes to finding out why they have problems concentrating or following through with a directed task. Continue reading Behavioral Problems Helped by Eyeglasses