Advantages of Using Plastic Framed Eyeglasses

If you’ve been prescribed to wear eyeglasses, then it’s time for you to take a hike to your nearest optical store or visit online optical shops. Once you are in these locations, online or offline, you will be confronted with the problem of choosing the best eyeglass frames because there are numerous styles, color, design and brand to choose from. Before the dawn of plastic eye-glass frames, eyeglasses have mostly thin metal frames and circular lenses which were trendy perhaps during the 19th or 20th century. Continue reading Advantages of Using Plastic Framed Eyeglasses

White Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Deciding upon the type and design of eyeglass frames to purchase, depends a lot on how they would look on your particular face structure. Understanding what style and colors to try on would depend on your face complexion and other factors. Once you have determined your face shape and coloring, only then you can fully understand what type of frame styles and colors would suit you best. Continue reading White Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Lens Materials of Plastic Eyeglasses

Nowadays, the huge variety of eyeglasses in the market may differ in lens material, frame material as well as their styles. There are commonly referred metal eyeglasses and plastic glasses. In most cases, the term “plastic eyeglasses” refers to eyeglasses that have plastic frames. This is particularly true when some people want to compare metal spectacles with plastic ones. These two frame materials do have some different features. They both have their respective pros and cons. Continue reading Lens Materials of Plastic Eyeglasses