Fixing Your Rimless Glasses

The trends for glasses keep changing with rimless ones being one of the most popular type of glasses. There are several reasons why these rimless glasses are popular. One, they provide high levels of comfort owing to their light size. These rimless glasses are also stylish, trendy and easy to wear. However, the drawback is that these glasses are not very durable. Therefore, if you own a rimless pair of spectacles as I do, you may need to carry out minor repairs. Continue reading Fixing Your Rimless Glasses

Rimless Glasses – A Great Fashion Accessory

Glasses are as much a part of fashion as they are a necessity to our daily lives. It’s one of the fun aspects of what some may consider a curse. Choosing the correct style can immediately set an impression about you, especially if it’s the first. With literally thousands of styles to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of what is fashionable and in style. Well within these styles, there’s one that’s making a rocket like trajectory straight to the top and that is the rimless glasses craze. Continue reading Rimless Glasses – A Great Fashion Accessory

Choices in Rimless Reading Glasses

Rimless reading glasses are a stylish option for those who find that smaller print is becoming very difficult to read. Most people will begin to experience this problem when they hit middle age, although it can strike at anytime. Because of this, it is generally a good idea to find a lightweight option that can fit your face shape, such that rimless glasses can provide. Continue reading Choices in Rimless Reading Glasses

Frameless Glasses From Silhouette

Also called rimless spectacles, frameless glasses are being enjoyed by individuals around the world, from Miami Beach, Dubai to Manhattan, London and Tokyo. Rimless glasses have covered celebrities, pop icons, sports players, designers, actors and musicians as well as others on the scene. Most people know that frameless eyeglasses offer a special design. The face-flattering frame can work with all shapes, including oval, heart, long, round, pudgy and slender. Continue reading Frameless Glasses From Silhouette

Rimless Glasses – Useful and Attractive

Rimless glasses are used in the exact same way as glasses with full rims. They are simply designed differently and are becoming more and more popular. Rimless glasses consist of two lenses attached in the middle by a bridge and on each end by the legs that extend over your ears. There is no frame covering the outside edges of the lenses and they are often less noticeable than other types of glasses. This is one reason they are gaining in popularity, especially with the younger generations. Continue reading Rimless Glasses – Useful and Attractive

How to Fit Rimless Glasses?

Nowadays your prescription glasses are as big a fashion accessory as your purse, your shoes or the perfect hat. They serve more of a purpose than just being able to see (although that is an integral part); they serve to let the world know just a little bit more about your personality. Rimless glasses can do wonders for you in terms of both fashion and function, but how do you decide if rimless glasses are the right fit for you? Continue reading How to Fit Rimless Glasses?