Benefits of Progressive Eyeglasses

It is not surprising to know that as we get older, our health needs will change, particularly our eye health requirements. As we age, our vision tends to weaken and we start to have difficulties seeing the things we use to see clearly when we were younger. For instance, we can have difficulty reading the print in books, newspapers, or magazines. Fortunately, advancements in vision technology have resulted in the development of devices to help correct vision problems as we get older. Continue reading Benefits of Progressive Eyeglasses

Progressive Eyeglasses – No Line Between You and Clear Vision

Most people want to evoke with their eyewear as everyone’s eyesight changes as they grow older. Presbyopia (the condition that causes the need for reading glasses) hits some people at their early 40’s. Bifocals provide clear vision, but the obviously-lined lenses make people look and feel older than they really are. But progressive lenses can give you the vision correction that you need without the lines of demarcation. Continue reading Progressive Eyeglasses – No Line Between You and Clear Vision

The Popularity of Progressive Prescription Eyeglasses

The number of presbyopic patients in the world is very huge. This eye problem happens to the overwhelming majority of individuals age 40 and above. The reason is that presbyopia is not a refractive visual error, but is caused by the eyes’ natural aging. Knowing this, most people can understand that presbyopia is unavoidable in some degrees. Creative human beings can always find solutions to any problems bothering their lives. Continue reading The Popularity of Progressive Prescription Eyeglasses

What Are the Multifocal Eyeglasses?

As we all know, the so – called nearsightedness means that you can only see things clearly at a short distance. But the hyperopia is the opposite. For example, a person who has 300 degrees of myopia usually doesn’t need the eyeglasses to read; otherwise he will have a feeling of eyestrain. Some people are both hyperopic and nearsighted, especially the middle – aged and the old, who also need to wear the different eyeglasses in different situations. Continue reading What Are the Multifocal Eyeglasses?