Acuvue Contacts – Tips From a User

Acuvue contacts come in all kids of models for many kinds of vision issues. Maybe you want an eye color change, which you can get with color contacts. Then you can get the lenses to correct most any eye problem. The ones I’ve personally used are the two 1 Day Acuvue models. Here’s what I like about the 1 Day lenses.

1. Since you change lenses every day, you always have fresh lenses. That’s one reason why these lenses are known for comfort.

2. Fresh lenses also mean less handling of lenses. That way there’s less chance of eye irritation or eye infection. Less handling of the lenses means less risk.

3. Fewer hassles with cleaning. There’s no cleaning and no disinfecting either. So no chemicals to buy and no time spent on all that either.

4. The time savings is a real plus. No minutes spent every day maintaining lenses. Need a lens? Just grab a new one and there you go.

5. The Moist version is especially right for those of us with dry eyes. The lens stays moist so it doesn’t pull moisture from the surface of your eyes.

Those are pluses. The only downside I see is cost. They do cost a bit more than one or two week lenses, but not much more. The extra cost is somewhat offset by the savings on chemicals.

Acuvue contacts are what I’ve worn for the last 3 years. I’ve had the regular 1 Day and the 1 Day Moist. I like both, but the Moist version really seems to help with dry eyes.