Best Color Contacts For Dark Eyes

What are the best color contacts for dark eyes? I think that the answer to this lies in circumstances. Before we get into that, we should just go over some of the colors that are available to you.

Some of the standard eye colors that you can get are blue, brown and green. You can also get non standard colors too, for those who are a little more adventurous. How about purple, black, red or white. We are bordering on the theatrical here. Wearing pitch black mirrored contact lenses could be a bit much, unless you work as a Terminator of course! You can also get other black out lenses too. All white black out lenses (which do have a little peep hole in the middle of the lens, so yes, you can see), also exist, but other than using it as an excuse for getting your dog into restaurants, the only reason I can think of for lenses like this, are for dramatic reasons. Playing a blind person in a movie or even on stage would go a long way to convincing your audience. A great tool for those thespians amongst us.

As far as the best color contacts for dark eyes are concerned, you have to consider your situation. From having dark brown eyes to having baby blues could be a bit much of a contrast. Unless you want to create an impression of course. Also consider the rest of your appearance. Do blue eyes go well with your wardrobe or even your skin tone? You have to ask yourselves these questions. Maybe a subtle change would work best for you. To green from brown is not too much of a step.

But what if you are in a work environment which encourages eccentricity? Perhaps having bright eyes would create a positive impression? The questions are very personal; you have to decide.

Also bear in mind the possibilities of getting unique lenses made especially for you. Whilst this option is probably more expensive than getting color contacts off the shelf, you will have the opportunity of creating something a little more unusual, maybe a little more in line with your own personality.

The article was written by Charlie Cory, who is the owner of FX Eyes, a website dedicated to providing advice about buying special effects contact lenses online.

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