Can You Get Contacts Without a Prescription?

Although contact lenses have been around for some time, there is still some controversy over the way that people obtain them. With the advent of color contacts, some view contacts such as these as cosmetic devices that can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. To answer the question, can you get contacts without a prescription; the answer is a resounding no. As with any medical device it requires a prescription from a qualified eye doctor in order to obtain them, at least legally. It does not matter whether they are clear or colored contacts you must have a prescription for them.

People are looking for these kinds of contact lenses for a few reasons. One main reason is that they want to change the color of their eyes. Because of this, these are often referred to as cosmetic colored contact lenses. Another reason could be because some people are born with two different colored eyes and they want them to be the same color. Or people may want to change their eye color when they go out at night and hit the clubs. The important thing to remember, no matter the reason, is that you want to make sure you go about getting them the right way and this will involve getting a prescription.

The reason that it is best to have a prescription is that an eye care professional can determine whether or not certain contacts are safe for your eyes and eye medical conditions. If you obtain contact lenses for cosmetic purposes such as, to change the color of your eyes, you will still require a fitting from an eye care professional and a prescription to avoid any unnecessary complications. If you obtain lenses illegally, and use them you could subject yourself to eye health issues that could lead to blindness and other eye related injuries.

In the United States it is illegal to obtain colored contacts without prescription from a qualified eye medical professional or doctor. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers contact lenses medical devices, and laws have been passed that require individuals to have a prescription in order to obtain them. Although you may see companies online that make the claim that you can obtain color contact lenses without a prescription, it is not wise to purchase any medical device without one and it is considered an illegal activity to purchase them in the U.S.

As with any medical device such as contacts, you should consult with an eye care professional to determine if you have a need for them or if you can wear them. Some eye conditions require the use of different kinds of lenses, such as astigmatism which requires special contacts in order to correct the astigmatism.

Because you must have a prescription to obtain contact lenses of any variety, it does not mean that you are limited in your choices of where you can purchase them. Qualified retailers will fill your prescription for your contact lenses but will not sell them to you without one. If you do find a retailer who sells contact lenses without a prescription, you should report this activity right away to the proper authorities. Your eye health is very important and should not be jeopardized by purchasing illegal contact lenses that could end up doing more damage to your eyes than good.

Even though you may not be able to get free colored contacts without a prescription, getting them with a prescription really is not very difficult. By following just a few steps, you are able to get some colored contacts for free.