Color Contacts For a Real Beauty Change

Many of us frequently change the color of our hair. Why? We do it mainly because we get bored looking the same way. Now those of us, who want a real change, have the option for a real beauty change, changing the color of our eyes, by using colored contacts.

Colored contacts can allow you to moderately change your eye color or drastically change it. It all depends on the type of colored contact you buy.

Colored contacts basically come in four types.

* A visibility tint. This type of contact actually doesn’t change your eye color at all. It is just a contact that usually has a small amount of light blue or green tint added to it, to make it easier to see the contact. This is helpful for inserting and replacing the contact. It is also beneficial if you were ever to drop it. The tint will make it easier to spot it.

* An enhancement tint. This type of contact does affect one’s eye color a little. The tint is a bit darker than a visibility tint is. It doesn’t actually change the color of one’s eye, but it makes it appear darker or deeper. This type of tint is usually worn by people with light colored eyes who wish for the color to be a bit darker.

* Colored Contacts. These are actually the type of lenses that people uses to drastically change the color of their eyes. They come in all colors such as: Hazel, Green, Blue, Violet, Amethyst, and Gray.

*Light Filtering tints. These are the newest form of contact lenses. They help to enhance certain colors. Mainly these are used when playing sports such as tennis. They can help to make colors such as yellow to stand out better, thus one can see the ball more clearly.

As with all contact lenses, colored lens should be prescribed by an eye physician. Usually, he/she will want to conduct a series of eye tests first. Then he/she will write out a prescription for the contacts. Care also needs to be taken with these.

One disadvantage to wearing colored lenses is the fact that our pupils are always changing in size. One reason they do this is because this is how they filter light. This can mean that there may be times that you will find that the pupil may be larger than the area accommodated for it in your lenses. When this happens, you may have trouble seeing.

Another problem with colored lenses is that if your friends know you have them, they may want to share or experiment with them. This is a bad idea. Germs can be passed and spread this way. Plus, your prescription will not be the prescription that will fit your friend. Each person needs to be treated and exam by a doctor.

If you decide you wish to try some colored lens keep some thing in mind, when choosing a color such as:

* The type of makeup you wear.

* Your skin tone and hair color.

Could colored contacts be the beauty change you need? Maybe, only you can be the judge.