Color Contacts-How to Make a Good Consumer Choice

The purchase of color contacts is a serious consumer purchase, even though many teens want them to enhance their eye color and see them as just a fashion statement. Color contacts require a scheduled visit to an eye doctor and must be bought with a prescription.

When visiting an eye doctor for a contact lens fitting, be ready to spend at least an hour or more at the eye care practitioner’s office. A contact lens fitting is usually performed as part of a complete eye exam, so there will likely be a series of tests for all kinds of things, including depth perception, near and distance vision, and glaucoma. Although a healthy teen who doesn’t need vision correction may see this visit as unnecessary, it is very important when placing something into your eye, like color contacts, that an exam be done beforehand.

Bring sunglasses with you to the exam. The eye care practitioner may put in drops to dilate the pupils; this is so he can see the inner structures of the eye to check for diseases or other problems. After dilation, the eyes may be sensitive to light for a few hours.

Bring a list of questions that you want to ask, and be sure to ask all of them. This is your chance to take advantage of your eye care practitioner’s expertise! He will be happy to answer all of your questions, so don’t hold back, even if you think some of your questions may be silly. Don’t be surprised if your eye doctor talks to you about the reasons you want color contacts. He will want to make sure that, if the consumer is a teenager, they are mature enough to understand how to care for their eyes and the lenses.

If you need corrective lenses and you want color contacts, be understanding if your eye doctor advises that eyeglasses may be the best option for the time being. Once in a while an eye care practitioner may feel that a teen isn’t ready for contact lenses. Or contacts may not be right for someone’s particular prescription or lifestyle. Even if contact lenses are not the best option for you now, they may be in a year or so.

There are many new developments in the field of contact lenses, including 1 Day Disposable lenses. This can be incredibly convenient, especially for the person with color contacts. There is always a lens replacement schedule that an eye doctor gives a patient. In order to achieve comfortable, healthy, problem-free lens wear, most eye care practitioners will recommend lenses be changed every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Whether you’re a regular contact lens wearer, or just wear them for sports or special occasions, daily disposable color contacts offer the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, great vision and your image enhancement. Since you’re wearing a new pair of lenses every time you put them on, you don’t have to deal with all the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses. And there are no bulky, expensive solutions to buy, store or carry around.

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