Costa Del Mar Sunglasses – The Quality

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are well known around the world for their style, appearance and strength. There is such a large selection to choose from that you always be able to find something you like.

All about the Technology

The technology that Costa Del Mar sunglasses is truly groundbreaking. They offer sunglasses that are able to protect your eyes like no other, and lenses that show the world in bright color.

They offer more lens color choices that anyone else which means that you will always have clear vision, any light at any time of the day. They realize that fit is everything, which is why they take every required step to ensure that you find the pair of glasses that fits your face shape and makes you look the best.

If you are going to be on the water or up the mountain, the Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Company understands that you have needs and they want to be sure that all their sunglasses are built to last and perform in the best possible way.

The Options

There are many design options of Costa Del Mar sunglasses to choose from. Here is a quick outline of the available design options:

The Brine

Beautiful and high performance, they integrate co-injected cold-molding technology to give comfortable fit. A scratch resistant coating that ensures they will last the distance.


Designer for water enthusiasts such as boaters and water-skiers, perfect for all water conditions, that can change quickly. This sunglass system features changeable, polarized lenses which help to cut the glare, from the rays of the sun bounce off of the water.

Tropic Star.

These glasses are truly the top in lens system sunglasses. They have temple tips with their watermark, these glasses are perfect for day to day casual wear and best of all, they are suitable for both men and women alike.

These glasses are incredibly trendy and always in style, The integral hinges offer durability and the color options allow you to choose a color that suits you.

Costa del mar sunglasses are quality, no denying that. The trademark “C” that adorns each design and its patent technology ensures that a quality is not easily copied.