Finding Contacts For Astigmatism And How To Use Them

For most people who wear glasses, switching to contact lenses is easy and works with any existing prescription. Soft contact lenses have gotten better and easier to wear, and are safe for the user. However, when it comes to glasses wearers who have astigmatism, the transition to contact lenses becomes more complicated. Not all eye doctors used to sell contacts for astigmatism. But now, most doctors will be able to point you in the direction of having your own contacts for astigmatism made.

So, just what is astigmatism? Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea, or the raised, clear tissue on the eye, is not perfectly round. However, it is also possible to have an abnormally shaped lens. In most cases, the level and degree of astigmatism can be measured by your doctor, and you will have your contact lenses specially made to fit your eye and correct the shape of your cornea. It will usually be more expensive, and you might not be able to choose from the wide selection of different kinds of lenses that other contact lens wearers have, but it can be done.

Recently, you might have seen commercials on television about Acuvue contact lenses for people with astigmatism. These will let in the most possible amount of oxygen into the eye. It is important for the eye to have access to oxygen. This is why your eyes turn red if you have your contacts in for too long or if you fall asleep wearing them, when your eyes are the driest. Unlike many lenses for astigmatism, Acuvue lenses are soft and comfortable. Ask your eye doctor about the different brands that might be available to you, such as CIBA. All contact lenses have to have a prescription, even colored ones that are just for fun.

Colored contacts for astigmatism are not currently available from most brands. This is because contacts for astigmatism are made differently. They will have a line in them to keep them lined up in your eye. You will not need to line up your contact when you put them on. They will align themselves as you blink. If you have any problems with your contact lenses, such as sensitivity or itchiness, you will need to contact your optometrist. If you tend to have dry eyes, you will usually be able to use eye drops, and you will have to avoid wearing your contact lenses for over eight hours a day.

Buying contacts for astigmatism online is easy. All you will need to do is go to your eye doctor for a prescription. You need to have a check up at least once a year to make sure your prescription is still working for you and that you are not developing any kind of cataracts or eye cancers. Once you have your prescription, you will be able to order your contacts online based on the strength that you need. Your prescription will usually be different for each eye, and chances are, you will only have astigmatism in one eye.