Follow Lady Gaga to See Camera Sunglasses That Can Take Photos and Videos

As a fashion chameleon, Lady Gaga always gives us surprises. Now she has “invented” a style of fashionable sunglasses with inbuilt camera, the first ever pair of camera sunglasses. Curious? Well, let me introduce it.

By collaborating with Polaroid a year ago, Lady Gaga was named as creative director by Polaroid. Maybe from then on, lots of people have been expecting some utterly insane fruits of the collaboration. And now they definitely do not disappoint us, with this style of magic photo-taking sunglasses, the first ever in the world!

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Lady Gaga helped launched a new line of products with Polaroid, called Grey Label. It includes GL10 Instant Mobile Pinter, GL20 Camera Glasses, and GL30 Instant Digital Camera.

Yeah, the fashionable camera sunglasses are officially called GL20 Camera Glasses. Such sunglasses are fashionable in the design and marvelous in function. They can shoot pictures as well as capture videos, displaying them on the lenses’ 1.5-inch LED screen. Isn’t it fantastic?

Well, you may wonder how these pictures and videos could be retrieved. It is simple. In the earpiece there is a memory stick which acts as a storage medium. By using a USB to a printer, or by using Bluetooth, pictures or videos are retrieved.

Wow, such a great creation! We may have imagined this only in fictions!

“This is the first ever pair of sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun and they can also take pictures,” Lady Gaga said. She also suggested fans wear this pair of fashion and practical sunglasses to her performance to take pictures of her dancing on stage.

Hah, I believe that Lady Gaga will start a new wave in the fashion field 2011. Do you like the camera sunglasses?

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